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【FLASH SALE】ONLY $59 & FREE SHIPPING | Express delivery to the door
【FLASH SALE】ONLY $59 & FREE SHIPPING | Express delivery to the door
【FLASH SALE】ONLY $59 & FREE SHIPPING | Express delivery to the door
【FLASH SALE】ONLY $59 & FREE SHIPPING | Express delivery to the door
【FLASH SALE】ONLY $59 & FREE SHIPPING | Express delivery to the door

【FLASH SALE】ONLY $59 & FREE SHIPPING | Express delivery to the door

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The last clearance sale in 2019, the lowest price in the world! FLASH SALE soon ends, the original price is $1099
✅ Fast Delivery:Usually 5-9 business days in the US, 7-12 business days in other regions.
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This electric car is a compact electric car created by the Japan  company Lumsokala. Founded in 2003 by Jack and Jackson , Lumsokala has spent several years developing and updating their electric vehicles and the culmination of their work, as of 2010.

At the heart of the electric car is a 120 horsepower, brushless electric motor and a lithium ion battery pack. This drivetrain gives the car a top speed of 105 mph and a 8.0 second 0-85 mph time. Not exactly a race car pace but it's easily fast enough to cope with modern traffic speeds and acceleration.The interior of the Lumsokala Mini-bobo features leather trim, and LCD dash display .

The compact dimensions of the car, at 1.95 metres long and 120cm wide means the vehicle can easily navigate congested city streets. And thanks to the tilting mechanism the Mini-bobo can carve up the roads on faster bends. The tilting mechanism uses a computer controlled servo-motor which automatically adjusts the cabin angle and wheel geometry to provide intuitive and fun handling. The maximum tilt angle is 35 degrees.

Acceleration: 0-85 in 8s
Top Speed:102 mph
Range: 180 miles*
Power: 120 bhp
Overall Length:113¨¹³¼br>Integrated Charger: 120V (Level 1) & 240V (Level 2) auto-switching
Brakes: Hydraulic with Regenerative Assist
Seat Belts: Shoulder/Lap Belt w/Opposite Shoulder Belt (4 Points)
Direction: Forward & Reverse w/40-Degree Turning
Heating: Heated Seats & Hand Grips
Doors: ¨¹West Coast¨¹ Half-Doors
Storage:Lockable Rear Tailbox
Audio: Bluetooth Speakers
Heating: Heated Seats & Hand Grips
Doors: ¨¹West Coast¨¹ Half-Doors
Storage: Lockable Rear Tailbox
Audio: Bluetooth Speakers
Accessories:Phone mount, magnetic cup holder, Level 1 charging cable
GVWR: 2,800 lbs.
Charging Cable:Level 1 cable included.
Warranty:3 year, 36,000 miles, including battery.
Dual Electric Motors:For superior handling in rain and snow.
Regen Braking:Recharge your battery, extend your range.
Criss-Cross Seat Belts:Shoulder/lap + opposite shoulder belts.
Everyday Range:Up to 180 miles/charge
105MPH Top Speed:All the speed you need.


1 When are you shipping?
We usually ship within 48 hours and ship in order.
2 Where do you ship from?
We have dozens of warehouses around the world, and there are warehouses in the US, Europe, and Asia. After purchase, our customer service staff will determine which warehouse to ship from according to the address of the recipient, so we can have faster logistics and let you Received it in the shortest time
3 Why are your prices so cheap?
We sell directly at the factory. In order to expand the scale of the factory, we sell more products with lower profits so that our investors can believe in our strength.
4 What if I receive a product that is flawed or I find it inappropriate?
If the product is defective, please take a photo and contact us within 14 days of receiving the goods. Customer service will handle it for you until you are satisfied. If you want to return, please contact our customer service. Usually we will charge 10 USD. Courier fee, if it is our problem, we will bear all the expenses, I hope you can accept
5 What is wrong with the address?
Please contact customer service, tell us the correct address by email, customer service will change to the correct address for you.
6 Is the price low quality guaranteed?
We are directly selling in the factory. In order to expand the factory, we will guarantee the quality of the products. Every production process is strictly tested. Our workers are strictly trained. 
7 How to Return? If you want to return, please do not use it frequently, do not affect our re-sale, contact our customer service, email to write the recipient name / phone / address and order number, customer service reply within 24 hours after receiving the mail, And deal with it for you immediately
8 Please keep your mobile phone open at all times. After the product reaches the local area, the logistics personnel will contact you by phone.



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